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PERFORMING MEMBERS (Age 8 and older)

High Point Ballet Performing Members commit to a full annual season (mid Jun – mid Jun) and are responsible for season study requirements and payment of the following non-refundable fees in a timely manner in the mode in which specified, regardless of early withdrawal. 

Dancers must study with High Point Ballet, or its sister company, in order to perform with the organization.


PRODUCTION FEE (Nutcracker, Spring, and any other performance commitments made)

TUITION (includes the following)

SUMMER INTENSIVE TUITION (Required for Nutcracker – Minimum study hours apply)


While every consideration is given to those who opt only to study with High Point Ballet, registration and summer intensive/season tuition fees are not prorated due to any interruption in class schedule.


Production fees includes costuming and performance costs unless otherwise stated. Some roles may incur additional charges. Acceptance of these roles requires acceptance of additional fees. Should the performer no longer be able to participate, the performer remains responsible for the fees.

Performers will receive costumes only after all payments and fees have been satisfied including membership, production, and tuition. Should the performer no longer be able to participate, the performer remains responsible for the fees. Costumes will be delivered and distributed during theater rehearsals.  Costumes are to remain in the theater at all times.  Should any costume item be lost, damaged, or misplaced in the theater, the performer is responsible for any additional cost of replacement incurred. Unless otherwise designated, all costumes and/or accessories are the property of High Point Ballet and are to be returned directly to the costuming staff before leaving the theater.

Performers are responsible for personal items such as shoes, tights, makeup, hair supplies, and applicable undergarments.  High Point Ballet is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal items.

NOTE: Costumes are under the exclusive direction of the Executive and Artistic Directors. No variance is made from this policy. Some roles may incur additional charges. Acceptance of these roles requires acceptance of additional fees. Should the performer no longer be able to participate, the performer remains responsible for the fees.


Based on level placement, minimum study hours are required for Nutcracker and full performance participation.

Summer 12 hours18 hours24 hours40 hours
Season1 day/week2 days/week2 days/week2 days/week
Tuition fee not prorated (Updated Mar 23)

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FEMALES:  Black leotard, pink tights, hair in bun.  Pink canvas split-sole ballet shoes, pink pointe shoes, black pedinis for jazz, black oxford style flat tap shoes.

MALES: Black tights/jazz pants, black or white shirts, hair secured/off face. Black canvas split-sole ballet shoes, black split sole jazz shoes, black oxford style tap shoes.


High Point Ballet has its own inclement weather policy and does not necessarily follow any particular school system closings. Students will be contacted through email for any schedule updates.


Performer Member auditions are held annually and on a case-by-case basis. 24-25 Audition: Saturday, March 2, 2024 or on an individual basis.


All fees are non-refundable and payable to High Point Ballet unless otherwise stated.

Performing members commit to a full season which includes but not limited to:


Fee due at time of audition. $450 Individual, $500 Family (Level 2: $50 discount, Level 3/Level 4: $100 discount)


(Payment made to Creative Costumes) – Includes costuming and performance costs

NUTCRACKER:  $500 Due June 1 (Level 2B: $425.00/Level 3: $350/Level 4: $300)

SPRING PRODUCTION:  $500 Due October 1 (Level 2B: $425/Level 3: $350/Level 4: $300)

SPECIAL EVENTS/PERFORMANCE:  Fee subject to participation


REGISTRATION: $50 PAYABLE by June 1, or at time of registration, paid once a season.


May be paid in full or by monthly and may be auto-drafted on a credit or debit card.

Summer Intensive:  Due June 1 (Fee not prorated – Fee and study hours required for Nutcracker performance participation)

Season Tuition: (not prorated) Monthly payments are due on the 1st, past due on the 5th, and subject to a $35 late fee after the 5th.  The ½ month of June is charged with the May payment and due at the same time.


FULL SEASON PAYMENTS in full (Performing Member, Registration, and Season Tuition with the exception of production and summer tuition fees), qualify for a 5% discount and is due April 15th for the next season.


In a effort to keep all fees at a minimum, a limited number of partial tuition scholarships are awarded annually based on need. Since these scholarships are limited and held in high regard, recipients are responsible for the following:

  • All production fees
  • Meeting all minimum study requirements
  • Meeting all rehearsal requirements
  • Supplying all personal items in regards to attire for both classroom and performances

Any failure to comply with any policies will result in suspension of the scholarship.


Due to the sensitive nature of the information contained, please submit completed form in person. Thank you.


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