High Point Ballet has been a member of the Regional Dance America, Southeast, (RDA/SE), since 1995. RDA/SE is one of four divisions of Regional Dance America, (RDA), a national association of dance companies founded in 1988 to promote the artistic development of dance companies throughout the United States. The organization offers instruction, scholarships, awards, and performance opportunities.

High Point Ballet adjudicates several pieces for performance at the annual festivals held each spring. The festival is hosted by RDA/SE member companies. High Point Ballet has hosted four festivals each bringing over 800 dancers, directors, choreographers, and professional support personnel along with nationally recognized instructors and musicians to the Triad. The festival highlights three days of master classes and performance.


RDA – A National Association of Dance Companies
Quality dance is an important part of the rich and diverse culture available to all individuals in every community across the United States and Canada. The pre-professional dance company is at the core; reaching communities and populations that may not be served by larger, professional companies. As members of Regional Dance America, these companies claim national and international recognition for the standards to which they are held. Young dancers regardless of geographic boundaries have access to quality dance performance, training opportunities and over $300,000 in scholarships annually; choreographers thrive in enriching settings with all resources necessary to grow and develop into regional, national and international stature. Regional Dance America is the national identity for member companies, unifying the five regional associations.


RDA/SE is a regional association of dance companies who reside in the following areas of the US: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and the territory of Puerto Rico. RDA/SE companies associate to promote excellence in instruction, choreography, performance and production. RDA/SE offers regional and national networking between directors, choreographers and dancers. The organization provide educational and scholarship opportunities for dancers and choreographers. RDA/SE fosters the growth of dance education and the appreciation of dance throughout local communities.

High Point Ballet is a RDA/SE Honor Member.