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Your tax-deductive donation to High Point Ballet keeps the vision and mission alive.

High Point Ballet is dedicated to continuing to carve out a path for both professional, pre-professional and apprentice level students who commit long hours to their training and technique. Performing is a critical part of their training as well.  With theaters closed, new avenues must be explored as dancers find themselves struggling to survive. Dancers have a very short shelf life. Their professional careers are short lived, no matter how glorious. The pandemic has literally shut down or greatly impacted the dancers’ ability to learn and grow in their craft. Without performance opportunities, their careers are stalled at best and potentially over if they can’t wait out the pitfalls of the pandemic.

Rachael Dean , recipient of the first Regional Dance America Outstanding Soloist Award

Rachael joined High Point Ballet at age 4 and is now at The Hartt School with scholarship funding.

We look to you for support to continue the work we have started with these dedicated artists. With support, we can rally and find venues and avenues for triumph. Performing is such a critical part of not only the dancers’ lives, but a vital part of our culture…meeting the desire to experience the beauty and grandeur of a live experience.

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